Team Work

We Can Not Make Beautiful World

The company has started its activities in Copenhagen with the focus of experienced experts in the form of a working group consisting of graduates in the fields of biotechnology, environment, chemistry, industry, commerce, computer and economics.

Kraftrader Group Manifest

We bring services and good feeling to wherever people prepare, serve or enjoy food and drinks. Kraftrader sets the scene; with knowledge, a good heart and our mind set on sustainable products and innovations, we inspire and encourage people to make better choices for the planet. Our sustainable solutions allow people to be at ease with the future. This can serve for environment and human health.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The design of the company’s work system is planned in such a way that the sustainable development of the environment is done simultaneously with the observance of all global health protocols with maximum quality and continuous security. This process is possible with various measurement tools such as ISO systems and chemical analysis in various laboratories and even field sampling.
Specialized groups are required to update their information in specialized fields of work according to the latest existing standards. Obviously, the company’s senior managers will also have continuous monitoring of the process.

Our Position on Plastic

For several years, we have focused on developing a wide range of plastic-free designs that now form part of our ecoecho® range. We welcome the EU Commission’s directive to combat the environmental impact on single-use plastic products. We share the concern of plastics in the sea and are committed to taking the lead on closing the loop for our industry.