S. Reza Reihaninia

Technical and Scientific Experiences

With over 20 years of experience in water, soil and environmental projects, we believe that salvation of the environment is the salvation of human health. Removing Plastic as one of the most destructive and harmful contaminants Human-induced on Earth is the priority of our solution. Plastic in normal condition and in normal condition It can decompose and return to nature in 300 years, and that means an environmental catastrophe.

Therefore, we believe that the only solution to this problem is to reduce the decomposition time of pollutants in the environment. Since plastics and packaging materials available in the food industry in the world are generally are from plastic, so our policy is to find a better and more suitable alternative to plastic, and this It is nothing but organic products compatible with human health.

What is the Basic Solution?

High-density plastic (HDP) bags are now commonly produced on the market, which is quite cheap and affordable. But as mentioned, the solubility of these materials is very high and the decomposition of a plastic material such as a disposable glass takes more than 300 years.
The production of organic bags, including cornstarch and other additives, has its own problems. These products are not similar to plastic bags in terms of quality and strength, and their strength is relatively low. Low-density plastic (LDP) can increase the strength of the product. Therefore, with a mixture of plastic and starch, the strength of food bags or containers increases and the degradability time decreases significantly. To better understand this, a 3-minute short film has been produced by the design and development department of the company that can be clicked on. You can get more information by watching this video.

These LDP products are easily degraded with organic matter between 6 months and 3 years without the slightest danger to nature (waste and smoke) to return to the environment.

Therefore, it seems very reasonable to be degradable from a minimum of 300 years to a maximum of 3 years, considering all the quality issues.

Our experts are reviewing and offering products that are far better and healthier for humans and nature.

Friendship with nature

With the increase in plastic removal policies in the world, the need to use natural and non-plastic materials, food and packaging industry experts decide to import organic and environmentally friendly products. In the meantime, having the necessary standards to protect the environment and people’s health is a priority. The World Health Organization, the Food Section of the European Commission and the United Nations Department of the Environment have adopted a number of directives and regulations in this area that provide standards for the replacement of plastics with natural materials. The most important of these regulations and directives are the following:

EC 1935/2004  

EC 1924/2006 

ISO 13302/2003

EU 10/2011


These directives are based on human health, the main of which are carcinogenicity, allergenicity and anti-infertility, and having toxic smoke during fire. The experts of the company have performed various tests on all the products, all of which are in accordance with EU standards and are compatible with human and environmental health.

At present, experts believe that in addition to having scientific and official standards, having a suitable cultural and economic context is also necessary for a better and more appropriate replacement of plastics and natural materials. In this regard, Kraftrader has given priority to all its customers by attending workplaces and presenting demos, slides and films to inform and promote the culture of avoiding plastic products.