Our Team

At Kraftrader our working group is composed by experts in the fields of Biotechnology, Environment, Chemistry, Commerce, IT, And Economics.

Kraftrader Manifesto

Kraftrader focuses on environmentally sustainable and innovative products that benefit both the environment and human health. We motivate and inspire people to make better decisions for the environment. The natural world is essential to our prosperity. From food and materials to the air we breathe, it is the ultimate source of everything we make and use.

Mishandled plastic waste has a significant impact on our environment. Open waste burning has a significant climate impact, accounting for 2-10% of total global CO2Eq emissions. Methane, a greenhouse gas 28 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, is released by waste in landfills. The ocean’s natural ability to remove carbon from the atmosphere is affected by marine microplastic. We are being suffocated by plastic.

We rely on delicate ecological systems to sustain life on Earth.  Building a sustainable living is not incompatible with protecting our environment: it is impossible without it.

We must invest in a viable future – one that respects and nurtures the natural systems on which we depend.

As part of our corporate social responsibility, the design of the company’s work system is planned in such a way that the sustainable development of the environment is done concurrently with the observance of all global health protocols with maximum quality and continuous security. This process is possible with various measurement tools such as ISO systems and chemical analysis in various laboratories and even field sampling.

We have spent several years developing a wide range of plastic-free designs that are now part of our collection. We applaud the EU Commission’s directive to reduce the environmental impact of single-use plastics. We share your concern about plastics in the sea and are committed to closing the loop for our industry.
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