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Our Customers

Our special clients are concerned about human health and the environment.
We specialise in the manufacture and distribution of Bio base products as well as specialised products in direct contact with food. We distributed degradable products with the priority of store plastic bags in order to satisfy the customer and evaluate the market. Fruit bags, pizza bags, and shopping bags are examples of these products that can be found in stores and restaurants.

Big garbage bags are among the Bio base products that pollute a large portion of nature, and we have decided to widely distribute this product in city stores, restaurants, and hospitals based on our company’s internal policies.

One of the most important potentials of this company is the provision of daily consumption of biodegradable plastic bags in stores, medical and educational services or contracted party’s.

Our disposable plates made of vegetable starch are also intended for use in schools, hospitals, large corporations. They are also widely used by private caterers, airports and stores in general who provide prepared foods.

Wholesale and distribution centres

Based on professional and ethical commitment, Kraftrader is focused on establishing contact with wholesale centres as soon as possible so that their products can reach consumers. In this regard, compliance with customer and wholesaler mechanisms is required. At the time of signing the contract with the customers as a product supplier, the price list and all documents related to the results of sanitary and technical tests will be presented and explained.

Stores and retail centres

To achieve our plastic removal goals and policies, Kraftrader’s commercial group will present at stores and retail centres (direct supply centres to the consumer) and present the company’s products to store managers. As a result, Bio base products reach consumers via retailers.

Restaurants, cafés, and food distribution centres

The use of plastic materials in eateries such as restaurants and coffee shops has a direct impact on societal health. Furthermore, the production of industrial and polluting waste in this category is much higher than in the general society. As a result, by using non-plastic products, restaurants and service centres take an important step towards assisting the environment and improving societal public health. Kraftrader has been successful in persuading a large number of establishments to replace plastic by explaining the environmental and health impacts and differences between plastic and plant-based products.

Catering for offices, schools, and public and private companies

Given the high volume of disposable container use in this segment of society, it is recommended to take a step to preserve nature and natural resources by using Kraftrader bio base products and assisting in the removal of plastic from the life cycle. We will supply the products required by caterers on-site and without interruption.

Direct online sales

If you want to use our products directly and without intermediaries, you should buy them from Kraftrader’s online shopping site.