Baris Taylan

Lovers of human health and the environment are​

our special customers

We specialize in organic products and specialty products that come in direct contact with food. In order to gain customer satisfaction and market evaluation, in the first priority, we distributed non-plastic and organic products with the priority of plastic shop bags. These products are offered in various varieties, including fruit bags, pizza bags, and shop shopping bags among stores and restaurants.

Large garbage bags are also among the organic products that pollute a large part of nature, and based on the internal policies of our company, we have decided to widely distribute this product in stores, restaurants and hospitals in the city.

One of the most important potentials of the company is to provide the daily consumption of  Biodegradable Plastic Bags in stores or medical or educational services of the contracting party. The company, with the support of its exclusive manufacturer, is committed to providing daily and monthly expenses to the customers of the contracting party.
Organic and non-plastic Disposable Container has also been considered for use in schools, hospitals and large companies. The daily meals of school students by private caterers and ready meals and salads in airport and store sales centers are all among the packages that Kraftrader company has in its list of sales products.

The world is more Beautiful Happy Better Cute Awesome Without Plastic

Disposable Paper Cups are widely used daily in the country. These cups are in the form of drinking all kinds of hot and cold drinks, which need to have health and environmental standards, must have passed special testing processes, which the products of Kraftrader company have this feature

The company’s managers have also designed a process so that all stores and large service centers can take a positive step to take advantage of the opportunity to replace organic products with plastic by ordering their plastic bags in different colors and designs.

It is suggested that product supply stores should buy plastic products for ensuring compliance with the policy of plastic removal and enjoy the growth of their company’s economic efficiency.

– Restaurants (chain, regular and fast foods).

To maintain the quality of food, it is recommended that restaurants use the products offered by this company in order to get acquainted with the reasonable price and desirable quality of the products while observing the health of their customers. Our products can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius.