Kraftrader Company

Kraftrader was established in Denmark with the aim of expanding and promoting the consumption of plant and natural or organic materials instead of plastic and non-organic materials in the center of the great and historic city of Copenhagen. The great goals of the managers and founders of the company are to protect nature and protect the health and well-being of society and consequently protect the environment by eliminating the consumption of plastic in people’s daily lives. The first step towards achieving the main goal is the elimination of disposable plastic containers and food packaging containers, which is in line with the policy of the Royal Government of Denmark to remove plastic by the end of 2025.

It is necessary to explain that all the commercial and economic goals of this company are in accordance with the slogans and high goals of the United Nations Environmental Protection 

Goal 6 :

Clean Water and Sanitation​

Goal 11 :

 Sustainable Cities and Local Communities

Goal 12 :

Responsible Consumption and Production

Goal 14 :

Life in the Sea

The managers of the company are determined to be able to manage most of the clauses of the Environmental Protection Organization in the near future and to be diligent in providing protection to the environment by providing more services.

According to the policies of the United Nations, which was also mentioned in the introduction section of the company, the company is working to implement policies No. 11, 12, 14 and 6 of the United Nations.