Maximise Impact
We focus on recyclable and sustainable materials. We believe plastic reduction and plastic collection must happen together. By applying circular economy thinking and solutions to plastics, we get more out of materials and resources while having a lower environmental impact.
Do no harm
Our products, as well as the materials and elements we use, slow rather than accelerate climate change. We select recovery methods that have the least amount of environmental impact. The life cycle of the materials and products we use - from extraction and production to end use, recycling and disposal - promotes human and environmental health.
Responsible Production
We take responsibility for our products' full life cycle costs and impacts, we only produce responsibly, and we are constantly redesigning and innovating better materials and systems.
We encourage informative and nature-based knowledge 

Bio-Based, Reusable, Bio-Degradable and Ecological Products



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About us
Our vision
We envision a world where the land, sky, oceans, and water support an abundance of life rather than an abundance of plastic, and where the air we breathe, water we drink, and food we eat are free of toxic by-products of plastic pollution. We strive for a future free of plastic and plastic pollution.

Meet the team

A diverse and dedicated team of passionate individuals is at the heart of our success. We’ve come together with a common mission, inspired by our shared love of the environment and nature: a future free of plastic and plastic pollution.
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